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  • poltergeist-movie
    Virtual Reality

    MIT creates video you can reach out and touch


    Strictly speaking, video isn’t an interactive medium, but a new research project from MIT aims to change that: The school’s CSAIL lab has come up with a technique through which viewers can reach out and “touch” objects in videos, manipulating them directly to achieve effects similar to what you’d expect if you were actually touching…

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    How To Know Pokemon Are Way Too Hard To Catch


    About two days ago, Pokemon Go players noticed a change — and it wasn’t one they’d been hoping for. All of a sudden Pokemon were much, much harder to catch. They dodged more, hopped over your ball more often, and worse yet, if you did manage to get one inside your Pokéball, odds were seemingly…

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    Internet, Virtual Reality

    Facebook brings emoji to VR with 360 Reactions


    Watching 360-degree videos alone on your Gear VR is about to get a little less lonely. Oculus just rolled out the ability for users to see and leave Facebook’s five emoji reactions on 360 Videos within Gear VR’s video app. While Reactions started as a risky attempt at tampering with Facebook’s iconic Like button, they’ve become a…

  • dino02
    startup, Virtual Reality

    HTC selects Lifeliqe as educational VR content partner


    This morning, visual learning platform Lifeliqe announced a strategic partnership with HTC to become their provider of educational virtual reality (VR) content for the Vive. Lifeliqe already has many other interesting, non-VR learning products and concepts in market with over 15,000 schools worldwide. I recently had a chance to try out some of the company’s VR demos through an HTC Vive at…

  • The interior view of a Tesla Motors Inc. Model S P90D, a model with some autopilot features, is seen during an exhibition featuring several self-driving cars outside of the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Advocates of self-driving cars say the vehicles may revolutionize U.S. transportation enough so that the government can spend less money on roads, parking garages and public transportation systems. Photographer: Drew Angerer/Bloomberg via Getty Images
    Autopilot, startup

    Autopilot in Tesla Model X helps driver get safely to a hospital


    A Missouri man might not have made it safely to the hospital without the aid of his Tesla Model X’s self-driving features (via Slate). Joshua Neally, the 37-year old Model X owner, was on the way home from his law firm after work when he was struck by a pulmonary embolism. Neally allowed the Autopilot…

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    Apple announces long-awaited bug bounty program

    Tech companies hold the keys to some of our most personal information — payment details, health records, chat logs with our lovers and archives of family photos — and, as we hand over more and more private data, it becomes increasingly important that companies earn our trust by keeping it secure. Over the past five…

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  • mars-curiosity-landing-game

    NASA Celebrates Mars Rover’s Fourth Anniversary with a Game

    Ever want to be a robot? How about a Mars robot, travelling around the planet in search of new, discovering new findings, interesting experiments to conduct and scientific findings to beam back to Earth-based researchers? While a full ‘Martian Robot Simulator’ game probably isn’t in the works, since it wouldn’t give you very much to…

  • Pokemon GO game in Turkey

    Pokémon Go is now live in 15 more countries in Asia, but not India or China

    The wait is over for many Pokémon Go fans in Asia, after the smash hit game went live in 15 new countries in the continent. The full list of new countries are: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau. A major expansion…

  • pokemongo-bulbasaur

    Pokémon Go crosses $200M in global revenue one month into launch

    While bugs and feature complaints are still causing a decent amount of negativity among users, Pokémon Go continues its upward trajectory in terms of overall revenue. Appanalytics platform Sensor Tower reveals that the game now have over $200 million in net revenue from players based on their estimates. The spending frenzy in Go compares favorably…

  • mindshow-characters

    Mindshow turns you into a VR actor in your own production

    For all of the talk there is about content being the one thing that’s really missing in VR, it’s pretty difficult for consumers to dive into VR and really make anything. Visionary VR is aiming to change that with their new product called Mindshow, which gives run-of-the-mill VR users the ability to dive into the…

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